What does Authxperts Offer?

Authxperts provides professional document authentication services. We help customers obtain an Apostille or embassy legalization for their documents. An apostille or embassy legalization certifies the authenticity of documents issued in the country of origin, before they can be accepted by government and business establishments overseas.

Authentication, attestation or legalization frequently involves several bureaucratic stages, making it a tiresome and confusing process. Our experts have dealt with thousands of authentication cases and use their experience to review the requirements for each document. They undertake document authentication on behalf of the client, significantly reducing the turnaround time and making the entire process fast, efficient and effortless. Our experts specialize in the legalization of a wide variety of documents, including educational diplomas, transcripts, vital documents like marriage, birth, divorce certificates and corporate documents of all types.

The best rates

We guarantee you will get the best rates at Authxperts in entire UAE. Whether its document authentication for US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or UK, India, Pakistan, Philippines, we believe our rates are highly competitive given the excellent service that has made us proud of what we do. We guarantee that you will not feel the need to send your documents to any of these countries once you depend on us. We are local to UAE and have our own presence in other locations allowing us to offer the most competitive rates on the market. What’s more, we have a rate match policy: if you find a competitor offering a better rate than us, we will match that price (subject to conditions).


Authxperts has been providing Apostille and Embassy Legalization services since 2003. We are a BBB accredited business and have been rated A+ in their reliability report. Our internet payments are secure and verified either by Paypal or Authorize.net. Customers from all over the world have trusted Authxperts and speak of their positive experience with us. Visit http://authxperts.com/legalization_testimonials.html

Corporate discount

Many of UAE Corporations have trusted & partnered with us for their document authentication needs. These include some of the major corporations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. in both private and public sector. We represent lot of Multi-National Corporations, fortune 500’s and some of the top law firms. As part of Preferred Vendor program, we offer special prices and priority service to corporate customers. If you wish to partner with us, contact us at our US office or speak to a member of our staff today.

Great service

At Authxperts, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service that made us proud winner of Small Business of the Year Award for 2012 from Gaithersburg Germantown Chamber of Commerce. We keep our customers regularly updated on the progress of their documents and offer an online document tracking system. Customers can also speak to an expert anytime during the week, or send us an email and we guarantee to get back within 24 hours.

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What is Embassy Legalization?

Embassy legalization is an alternative method of authenticating a document, used for countries that are not members of the Hague Convention such as UAE. Such countries do not accept or recognize an apostille as a certificate of authenticity for public documents issued from US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Philippines or South Korea. Instead, the embassy, consular or diplomatic representative of the country i.e., UAE in these countries normally deals with the legalization and attestation of documents.

In most cases an Embassy Legalization will require the document to be notarized by the public or solicitor notary (Depending upon country of issuance), followed by authentication from the Secretary of State, the foreign affairs office i.e., US State Department, DFAT, FCO etc. and finally the embassy of the UAE in the country of origin to which the document will be sent.

Here to help

The process of obtaining Embassy Legalization can get very complicated. Each foreign country has its own specific requirements, procedures and fees when asked to legalize any document. For instance, the embassy may require that the contents of the document should be translated from English into their country’s native language such as Arabic and that such translation also be authenticated by the respective departments. Also in other cases, they may require fees to be paid in local currency and that also via money orders, embassy may be located in different city than the foreign office creating the need for local courier and providing prepaid labels for return etc.

At Authxperts, we undertake the authentication process on behalf of our clients, removing the need for the client to undergo all these complicated and cumbersome procedures. We offer our clients professional advice on the steps required to legalize their documents. Our expertise allows us to expedite the legalization procedure, offering our clients both speed of service and peace of mind.

Our document authentication service covers quite a lot of countries for their public documents of all types. Whether its personal documents e.g., birth, marriage, divorce, death, educational certificates, police clearance reports etc. or corporate documents of any type, Contact us for further information as to how to obtain an Embassy Legalization for your documents.

In providing these unique professional services, we make our clients’ lives easier and save them time, hassle & energy.

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